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PersonaTEC is a consulting company located in the heart of Europe in Wiesbaden, Germany.  PersonaTEC has developed a network of consultants who are highly competent in all aspects of business development and information management. Our customers range from giant TV broadcasters and multinationals to small hi-tech start-ups and local government agencies. We are specialized in helping our clients achieve world-class solutions for their business development and information management needs, particularly with regard to doing business in Germany and central Europe. To this end we maintain close contacts with universities and research institutes around the world and promote important initiatives to support multinational business and cultural exchange. One of PersonaTEC’s unique qualifications is its operational flexibility in providing exactly the kind of service a customer requires. Whether it is a matter of investigating potential markets for goods and services, establishing and managing a business presence in Germany, recruitment of permanent or interim staff or development of an information management strategy for effectively dealing with the challenges of international business operations, PersonaTEC has the resources, experience and know-how to guarantee the optimal solution.

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